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The Documentary

I have been honoured in that a very charming, vivacious documentary maker from Melbourne is interested in making a doc around me. She has been up here twice now, each time filming a little more. I have seen an uncut version of the first day, wherein only I spoke. It was somewhat of a shock!

I had no idea I was so entertaining, or that my face was so full of expression! I told my daughter this, saying, ‘It is no wonder that I am such a hit at guest speaking...’
‘Or that your little grandchildren just love you...’ she added.

Perhaps I am a comedienne. I certainly could not help laughing at the words and facial gestures of this voluble ageing blonde, myself. You could not help liking her, she was so honest about her feelings on the matter being discussed, which was, of course, ‘sex.’

Having lived a life, naturally she has thoughts and opinions on the matter. However, I am sorry if this gives the impression that she is some kind of sex guru, or heaven forbid, that she is taken to have been a ‘hot little number’ in her day! The truth is that she is a conservative, respectable, animated old gal who endeavours to be interesting and interested. I should know.

The producer thinks I am a ‘natural.’ She hopes I will go on saying what I think, and will not be inhibited by seeing the uncut version.