PostHeaderIcon Meghan' Return Home

She left for London and adventure when she was nineteen. An attractive creature, she appeared to be full of confidence. I suppose she really was, as she left us at the airport, with her rucksack on her back.

Her cousin worked in London, this being her only connection. She readily obtained a job, and found a place to live. She then got a second job, as she wanted to see England and the Continent. Then she met Jamie, and together they toured around. They moved in together, and subsequently wed.

They are a great couple. Both are intent on working hard and saving money. They are attractive physically, but are also beautiful on the inside.

She has been home a week. She and Jamie visited me from their base forty ks away, and we had a superlative visit. Her beaming smile is there still, her eagerness to please. They are now eager to get work. He would like to work in the construction field, she in administration. But they will accept anything for now.

In the lull before she left, she did my household cleaning for me; did it so well; cleaned the skirting boards, the light switches, the tiles, windows and walls. I rewarded her with a small amount; something.

Yes, she would help me again, this granddaughter of mine, who is now twenty-three, a woman of the world. But she doesn’t want me to pay her. (We’ll see...). Again the wondrous, loving smile. They asked me about myself, really interested; looked at my vegetable garden; enquired how the books were doing. It was not at all one-sided, as I was eager to find out all I could about their lives. It was wonderful.

She and Jamie will be an asset to our family circle, I know. They add another valuable dimension. We are so fortunate that they both wished to live here. Welcome home!