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The voice was very pleasant as she introduced herself. ‘I have known about you, Doreen’ she began, ‘I lived near the Youngs in Wodonga.’
‘Oh, my bridesmaid, Anne Young...’
‘Yes. We were great friends. But we have now moved to Shepparton. It was through Anne and Peter’s recommendation that my parents, Pat and Albert Blashki came to stay with you in Brisbane at Expo 88...’
‘Really! Your parents and I have exchanged Christmas greetings ever since.’
‘I know. I have read your news from year to year, and Mum mentioned that you had written an interesting book.’
‘Sex in Your Seventies.’
‘Yes, and now I have seen your website. Doreen, I would like to buy a copy please.’
‘Lovely! When you have read it, you can forward it to your Mum and Dad.’
‘That’s exactly what I intend doing...’
‘How old are they now?’
‘Dad is ninety, and Mum is eighty-five. Still going strong.’
‘They are a marvellous couple. They have visited me here, when I had the gallery. I think some of their children have received gifts from my gallery, made by me.’
‘I just wish you lived in Victoria, Doreen. You would be in such demand as a guest speaker.’

My dream is to have a caravan or a campervan, travel round doing my guest speaking, seeing friends, seeing the country. I wouldn’t be silly enough to do it on my own, so my quest is to:
• Find a good, honourable fellow (GHF) who has a caravan and vehicle to tow it. I would contribute to expenses.
• Find a GHF who has a campervan. Ditto.
• Find a GHF who has a suitable vehicle, and I could buy the caravan.
• Find a GHF who would share expenses, who could change a tyre and all that, if I bought the lot. Not so good, as I have learned that these folk do not have the interest in the rig that I would appreciate.
• Find a GHF who would prefer twin beds and no conjugal events unless a loving relationship developed. I would need references.